Youtube as a Resource

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

YouTube has become a popular form of video sharing with over 2 billion video views per day and over 35 hours of video uploaded per minute.  To put its popularity even more into perspective, each week, the uploads of YouTube are the equivalent to the 115, 000 full length  films.  

With its increasing popularity and accessibility, it becomes important to look into the pros of YouTube besides it simply being a recreational activity.


YouTube: Resource for Information

A pro of YouTube is that it can be utilized as a resource in a variety of ways. It provides “how to videos” to perhaps learn how to answer a math question, knit, exercise, react in behaviour management situations, and my personal favourite how to make a hammock.( For those of you who are reading this that may be in earlier years or in a program that doesn’t do as much paper writing or article reading here is a helpful how to link)  I have not only found these videos interesting in my personal life but very helpful in my work life as well. An aspect of my current job provides programs for individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries. I have found that with some of individuals I work with, their creativity acts as a therapeutic activity to express themselves as well as keep relaxed and focused. I have found how to videos to help me prepare to run programs that require more creative skills such as crafts. These videos have taught me how to do crafts and other therapeutic activities which I can then enhance to ensure that they are both appropriate, challenging and therapeutic for those I work with.
As many of us know from taking this class, more formal videos such as conferences, current events and interviews are posted from different organizations as well as the public. As a student this has been helpful to learn about various topics that I am writing a paper or doing a presentation on.  Just even looking up the news with the current date can be a resource to see not only what is going on in the world but to use this information to relate to others. As a student, YouTube can be used as resource  being able to relate your studying  to what is going on in today’s society.
Many of the videos posted on YouTube are also opinion pieces, commentaries, people’s stories and their struggles. I have found this to be useful as a resource as my program is in family relations. Hearing about other people’s stories and their opinions matter to my degree and my personal interest. As an example, I wrote a paper on eating disorders and found it useful to hear from those who struggle with eating disorders; about their fear, about their lifestyle and about their coping mechanisms.
YouTube is resourceful in providing objective information and facts from studies, the news, educational series that are posted in addition to plenty of other videos. When used with caution, this can be useful in school work for researching and getting a different view than an article may provide. I have also found it useful in work inservices, to provide staff with new information to enhance our skills.
  YouTube also provides a subjective perspective in which one can learn and appreciate other people’s struggles, their experiences and the lessons we can learn from them. For those who provide the videos, this can be used a resource to not only learn about other people’s opinions but to have the opportunity to  provide information to a large audience.
YouTube: Resource for Social Connection
YouTube is a form of social media through the ability to subscribe to other’s channels, comment and rate videos, private message and write on a channel’s wall. People are able to watch other’s videos, learn about each other through favourite videos, writing on the account wall or sending private messages.  With YouTube being localized in 25 countries and 43 languages, it proves to be another technological advancement that has connected people worldwide.
People are able to look for support online in a way that is  personal. Through searching videos, they are able to find others that have similar struggles to themselves, who have similar areas of interest and various topics that they may be passionate about. As I mentioned previously, I was researching for eating disorders and I saw  many comments from people who had been emotionally touched by the videos and it became evident that the users had built a relationship out of a common struggle; they were using YouTube as a way of supporting one another.
Overall, YouTube has benefits in providing many different resources through the variety of videos. Both objective and subjective information can be found that can aid in our personal lives, work and academics. YouTube can also be used to connect people worldwide according to interests, experiences, lifestyle choices and struggles.

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